What's the Difference Between Trash and Garbage?

If you subscribe to this newsletter, you probably love to learn. You’re definitely smart. And you, like me, probably spend approximately zero time thinking about the difference between trash and garbage. Whatever—it’s just stuff you throw out! 

But this newsletter is here to make life a little more exciting, and what’s more exciting than taking the things we deal with every day—like trash and garbage—and becoming more informed about them?? Right?? 

So to answer one of life’s most pressing questions: YES, there is a difference between trash and garbage. Garbage is made up of stuff that comes from the bathroom or kitchen—think moldy bread, gnawed-on chicken wings, used paper towels, empty bags of potato chips and peanut M&Ms. Trash, on the other hand, is everything else: broken furniture, old tires, boxes of stuff collecting dust in the attic, President Trump, etc.

And remember: don’t forget to recycle!

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